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La Diaspora

A non-profit project by


Our initiatives in Nigeria

Summary of the Project "Nigerian Diaspora"

Our mission is to promote and encourage initiatives to support the Nigerian Diaspora in the world, to enable the development of projects in the territories of the countries they belong and for the return in Nigeria.

The specific objective of the Project is to gather and organize the Diaspora through agreements with existing associations, wherever located (including cooperatives and community organizations), whose members have a need to buy your first home in Nigeria.

The proposal is to be able to facilitate the purchase of properties for a residential use, such as of shops and other types of commercial buildings, through the promotion of real estate complexes that fully satisfy the demands of the Associates, and significative facilities for the access to secured credit.

It is therefore a top priority project in favor of the Nigerian Diaspora, because the acquisition and construction of a decent real estate unit is the essential element for a healthy back program in the Country of origin.


 DOCUMENTATION of the Project - DOCUMENTATION sur le projet - DOCUMENTAZIONE di progetto


- Description / Descrizione

 [160321] Description of the Initiative LADIASPORA

 [160321] Descrizione dell'Iniziativa LADIASPORA

- Summary / Riepilogo

 [160323] Summary of the Initiative LADIASPORA

 [160323] Riepilogo dell'Iniziativa LADIASPORA

- Real Estate Affiliated Promoters

 [160322] Agreement for Real Estate Promoters

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